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 WQ Type Grinder Pumps
  • Unique waterproof cable effectively prevents leakage caused by cable breakage.
  • When leakage occurs in the terminal cavity, the leakage-detector send out an alarm signal and control system provides automatic peotection for the pump
  • Class F insulated motor stator, with overheat and overload protection component on each phase
  • Stainless steel motor shaft and rotor inspected and dynamically balanced to ensure smooth pump operation.
  • Water-cooling jacket improves the working environment of the motor. This feature even makes it possible for pumps to be installed outside of water. (only available for the pumps with motor larger than 15KW).
  • Monitoring in seal chamber provided in the event of water infiltration.
  • Double face mechanical seal installation with SIC/SIC/Viton or other hard faces provides longer and more reliable service.
  • Channel impeller design provodes not only the merits of anti-clogging, solid handling and high efficiency, but also wide coverage.
  • Some of features may not be available on small pumps. Please check for details.