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 Water Motorized Bell
Model NX010 Water Motorized Bell is a mechanical device actuated by a flow of water. It is designed to sound a continuous alarm while a sprinkler system operates. It can be used in conjuction with Waterflow Detecting Valves such as alarm check valves, dry pipe valves, deluge valves, and preaction valves to sound a local alarm. And an alarm is required component of every sprinkler system having more than 20 sprinklers.

  • Model NX010 Water Motorized Bell is suitable for mounting to any type of rigid wall and can accommodate a wall thickness range of 2 to 18 inches (50 to 450 mm).
  • The Water Motorized Bell utilizes a lightweight impeller design that can produce a high sound pressure level. The Gong, Gong Support, and Water Motor House are made from corrosion resistant aluminum alloys. The polymer Drive Shaft Coupling does not require lubrication, and the Gong is closely fitted to the Gong Support to eliminate the need for a separate cover.
  • The Water Motorized Bell can produce a distinctive sound at all working water pressure range.