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 Sprinkler Flexiable Droppers
The EH-8100, braided flexible sprinkler hose has been evaluated and verified as conforming to the
relevant requirements of the following:
1. FM Approvals, Approval standard for Flexible Sprinkler Hose With Threaded End Fittings, Class
1637, Dated February 2010.
2. FM Project ID: 3036050

  • Non-pollution: Stainless steel construction requires without painting or epoxy coating on side. What the most important is that it is stainless to sure in case the fire break out the sprinkler system works without blockage. That’s why FM requires flexible hose linking with sprinkler head.
  • Simple Installation: Take a quarter of conventional system to install, reduced man power and labour costs.
  • Good Flexibility: Eliminate potential leaks and protect gel seal during seismic activity, Allow the independent way between ceiling grids and main water pipe. Eliminate ceilings stress and leak due to misaligned hard-piped installation
  • Easy Relocation: No downtime while sprinkler heads are being moved to accommodate tool or floor-plane configuration.