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Hose Reel Pump 

The unit is supplied with a 240V peripheral turbine pump, pressure switch, pressure tank and a pressure gauge. All items are assembled and mounted on a galvanised base.

  • Comply with AS2941
  • Gate Valves On Suction; Discharge Check Valve On Suction.
  • Pressure Switch For Auto Mode
  • Inching Button Available on Request
  • 0.37-0.75kW, 240V, 50Hz
  Duty Pump Model Motor kW Pressure Tank  
Flow (L/min)   head (kPa)  
20 L/Min   250kPA 1DB-35 0.37kW 8L/10bar  
30L/min   150kPA 1DB-35 0.37kW 8L/10bar  
20L/min   500kPA 1DB-65 0.75kW 8L/10bar  
30L/min   400kPA 1DB-65 0.75kW 8L/10bar