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Diesel Engine Driven Fire Pumps

Smoothflow offer a range of diesel engine driven fire pumps for sprinkler and hydrant duties. The pump sets offer a compact modular design which include integrated control panel, fuel tank and dual battery sets. Operating in 12 V / 24 V DC electric current starting system, the engine can be cooled by air, radiator, heat exchanger.  All products comply with AS2941, NFPA2O and FM / UL certification. The fire pump range covers flow rate up to 300L/S,  head up to 1500KPa and includes multi outlet designs. The fire pumps can include fully piped systems incorporating suction and discharge manifolds, annubar test lines and pressure sustaining/relief valves.

  1. Top centreline discharge with foot supported pump casing: Ease of installation; Simplified piping works; and Reduces problems associated with piping strain.
  2. Back-pull-out design: Pump casing and driver can remain in the position without disturbing pipe works  while general maintenance takes place. Axial hydraulic thrust balanced impeller extends bearing service life and ensures smooth operations.
              Diesel Engine Driven Fire Pump (Twin Setup)