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Diesel Engine Driven Fire Pump Controller
Smoothflow Digi-FLO - Microprocessor diesel engine fire pump control panels are designed and manufactured to fully comply with Australia Standard AS2941-2008.

  • Process timer controls available:-
          1. Adjustable Diesel Engine pre-heat & pre-lube interval before starting.
          2. Variable time delay period of diesel start signal.
          3. Nomination of time elapsed before starter motor solenoid is activated to engage and deactivate with
              motor flywheel;
          4. Variable idle speed period before ramp up to duty speed.
          5. Variable ramp up interval to achieve duty speed.
          6. Adjustable engine rundown time to idle speed for safe diesel cool down and shutoff.
  •  Automatic SMART Monitoring includes:-
           1. The ability to change rated speed to match the pre-programmed system duty.
               Unique use an electronically controlled worm drive motor throttle device which adjusts engine speed
               to constantly provide rated performance under varying emergency fire demands.
           2. Monitoring all procedures of speed change, such as starting, idling, speed up interval, and full speed.
           3. Monitoring deactivation timing of starter motor solenoid.
           4. Pre-alarm and alarm functions, see function flow diagram.